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Feeling Better: Part TwoCopyright 2005. All rights reserved.
This story is fictional based on fictional characters. Any similarity
to any person living or dead is coincidence.
This is my first story. I have never written anything like this before.
This story details the relationship of a teenage boy and a preteen boy.
If this is legal for you to read and is the sort of stuff you enjoy
reading then read and enjoy. If this is not legal for you to read or
is not the sort of stuff that you enjoy then do not read.Feeling Better: Part 2I finally received the phone call I had been waiting a lifetime for."Hi James, it's Mrs. Fisher. Would you be available to babysit
tonight? I know its short notice, but my husband and I were just
invited to a dinner. All you really need bbc lolita preteen model to do is get Teddy to bed
in an hour or to, but we wont be back until about 12 or so."I check my watch, 4 o'clock. "Sure thing Mrs. Fisher, I'll be there
within the hour.""Thank you so much, you're the best!"I hung up the phone and raced to my room, threw on the quickest thing
I could find, and flew out the door. The drive seemed to take
forever. Would Teddy even remember our last encounter, did it mean
anything to him? He had been sick, I just made him feel better. He
didn't even enjoy it, did he?Teddy opened the door with a smile. "James!" he exclaimed, running
into my outstretched arms. "I'm so happy you could baby sit. Mom
almost had to call Mrs. Drangler, nasty!" He made a gagging face, and
I released my grip on his soft hips.It wasn't ten minutes later that his mom and dad left, running through
a list fantasy little lola nude
of number where they would be available, and stating they
should be home sometime around midnight.Teddy and I watched their Phaeton pull out of the driveway. He looked
up at me, and it was as though his powerful hazel eyes could read
every thought in my mind. "So what do you want to do?" he questioned,
giddy and bouncing up and down."That's up to you buddy. Air hockey, movie...you name it, I'm there!""I bet I could take you wrestling!" he didn't miss a beat and quickly
wrapped around my legs. I allowed my self to fall gracefully to the
floor.I had known teddy for about 4 years. He used to be my neighbor, but
my dads job required us to move out of state. However, due to the
recent decline in business, we moved back. Different neighborhood,
different school, different friends, new life. I needed some extra
cash before going to college, and his parents frequently asked me to
baby-sit. I enjoyed it because the boy was an angel. Teddy's parents
also thought it was good for him to hang around with me. He was an
only child, and had few friends, so a younger male influence was
always welcome.So here I was, on the floor, face to face with the boy of my dreams.
His russian lolita preteen girls
semi-=long brown hair dangling over my face as he pinned me to the
ground. "One, two, thhhhrrrreeeeeeeee!" he shouted, as he rose
victorious."Nice work" I laughed, rising back to my feet. The feel of his tiny
hands on my body was heavenly. There was an awkward silence, and I
wondered what he was thinking. Did he remember the night a few weeks
ago? Was I the first to ever jack him off? My head was swarming with
questions, ideas, fantasies.Last time, we were cut short by the sudden arrival of his parents, but
today, we had the night all to ourselves."You need to be in bed in an hour," I told him."I know," he replied. "It sucks, I hardly get to hang out with you!""Well, if you can keep it between me and you, I'll let you stay up
until your parents come home. But as soon as they do, you need to get
into bed!" A smile crept over his face. "Why don't you at least get
ready now, so you can make a clean break for it when the time comes?""Ok, but do I need to shower? I hate showers!""Well, it's up to you." I hoped he would decline the idea. The smell
of a boy who had been playing all day was like music to my nose."You're the best!" With that, teddy ran to the bathroom, brushed his
teeth, and changed into his PJs. I waited in the living room, not
wanting to impose."Tada!" He popped out from behind me, wearing one piece, airplane
patterned pajamas that buttoned down the front. I turned on the TV
to fear factor, and the two of us plopped down on the sofa. No sooner
had we sat down then the child crawled over and sat on my anxious lap."This show grosses me out! I hate when the eat the nasty stuff," he
said, looking up at me."Me too!" I replied. "But for $50,000, I think I'd do just about anything."His little hands began to massage my arms. I waited to see where this
would go. Perhaps he did remember what I had done to him. Maybe he
longed for me just as much as I did him. No, that's ridiculous, he's
an 11 year old boy!His tiny fingers were working their way lower, now coming in contact
with the top little lolilta nude pussy of my pants, nearing the newly formed buldge that had
erupted in them on moments ago."Teddy, what are you doing?" I inquired."Nothing," he replied. "Massaging you, like you did to me." So he
did remember! My heart pounded with joy, as did my anxious cock. I
gave him a few minutes, his hands never stopping, inching nearer and
nearer to their goal.In an instant, he skimmed the top of my hard member, grazing over it
so gently, I almost shot my load right there. The smile on his face
was enormous. My left hand wrapped around him, playing with the tiny
rolls of baby on his stomach fat caused by has slouched position. He
purred.With the inexperience of a young boy, he wrapped his hands around my
cock through the outside of my shorts. His face seemed to glow.
"It's so big!" that was being nice, it was only 7 inches."Well, I'm 18 and you're 11. Yours will be this big someday, maybe
even bigger!""Really.." he stopped short. After a bit of hesitation he quietly
asked, "can I see it?""If you want to, I don't care," I lied. Of course I cared! I wanted
him to see it my entire life! I wanted him to see it, stroke it,
touch it, suck it, ride it.I undid the zipper of my pants, unbuttoned the boxers beneath, and
pulled my straining cock free. It glistened in the light of the TV as
the pre-cum oozed down its shaft."Why don't you take yours out too, so we can you know, compare." Wow,
was this really happening, did I just say that?He obliged, unbuttoning the buttons of his PJs and removing his hard 3
inch little dick. I melted. It looked so...so cute. The shaft was
pretty thick for naked art lolita nude a boy his age, about the width of my thumb. Now I
was no expert, this was the first real boycock I had ever seen.We each wrapped our hands around each others cocks, and he mimicked
the up and down motions I had performed previously."Oh Teddy, that feels so good," I cooed.He didn't say a word, just continued to work my shaft with a big smile
on his face. His dick was so smooth in my hand. Although it was hard
as a rock, it felt soft, I knew instantly I had to have it lolita porn little girls in my
mouth.Without so much as a warning I bent over, freeing my cock from his
grasp, and took his dick into my mouth. He said nothing but moaned in
ecstasy. It tasted like a dream; salty, sweet, and boyish. I ran
my tongue over its entire length, enveloping the small member in the
warm chambers of my mouth. He continued moaning and I continued
sucking. I felt his body tense and I picked up the pace, sucking
harder and faster. The tiny head began to throb in his mouth and I
anticipated his dry orgasm. He clenched his hands into fists and let
out a moan that sounded like pure perfection.I allowed his cock to deflate without letting it out of my mouths
reach. His hand found its way back to my dick but he was too tired to
move. I carried him to his bed, tucked bbc lolita preteen model him under the covers, and gave
him a gentle kiss goodnight. Your first orgasm really takes a lot out
of you.I went into the bathroom and beat off, blowing my load within seconds.
I sought refuge on the couch, and made it through the last of Leno
and Conan before his parents arrived. I made my way upstairs to greet
them."Sorry we're late," his mom apologized."No problem. He was an angel." They didn't know how true that was.
"He even went to bed early.Any questions, comments or suggestions, email me at imola.turbogmail.com

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